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I have been stockpiling great, light-hearted videos for half a year! Each week I will be releasing a new video. Some weeks will be mini methods, drum videos based upon new grooves, fills, and rhythmic ideas. Some weeks will be extra videos, things off the kit, how to tune drums, how to get ready for a gig, etc. All these videos are available here, on YouTube, and Instagram.


The best way to learn any instrument is one-on-one. Schedule a private lesson from my home studio! We will work on a lesson plan that fits you, and your goals as a musician! I do not have a set lesson plan, I mold to you, not the other way around. Contact me for more info today!



Skype lessons are a great way for you to learn right from the comfort of your own home! Can't travel to see me, why not hang out virtually? My lesson plans are tailored the same way as an in person lesson. After every session I will send you a PDF file of everything we did. Book a trial Skype lesson today!

Lessons: Lessons
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